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This auction site is real. If you put in the effort to learn it and other player names you can win a lot. Any time there has been a little problem, such as shipping, they really try hard to fix it quickly. Easy to communicate with. I have won over 1000 auctions there over 4 years and everything is as promised and not faked. Learn the system and don't rush. I have tried other auction sites and I did not like them because they did not allow an... Read more

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So if you're wondering why the same people are bidding on everything you bid on let me give you a clue from someone who was in the business. Lets say my company MYbids is selling a Kitchen Aid Food processor for instance. And I see the high bidder is $12.05. I simply have phony MYbid "virtual company bidders" keep bidding till the price is where I think it should be. In the meantime I've ripped off a number of real bidders for .60 cents each... Read more

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  • Jul 28
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I ordered flowers that never got delivered, took me WEEKS to get in touch with someone, received a credit that I could not use because their site just kept asking me for my credit info. This company just hopes you finally give up, which I did. Please don't put yourself through all the aggravation you will experience trying to make sense of your order. These people should be ashamed of themselves but they probably are not, because after when... Read more

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  • Jul 12
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"Won" 2 auctions and never recieved anything after 3 months and repeat inquiries. Cut my losses at $60 that I did not realize was automatic and ran.

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I believed something wrong with the $60 charge you made in this case. As a new member, I was just curiously checked your products but never confirmed any bids. Later I found you charged me $60. I need my full refund since I didn't bid anything; I've never received any things from you. Thank you, Dezhi Li PS. it's 103 words xx xx xxx xxx x x xxx xx xx xxx xx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxx xx xxx... Read more

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I used to buy my crystal water at Sams. They stopped selling CS. I found a smaller case (16oz. bottles) at walmart. Every time I go to Walmart they are out and I have to keep going back until they have some. Are there other outlets I can buy CA in the suwanee area? Enter at least 100 words.Enter at least 100 words.Enter at least 100 words.Enter at least 100 words.Enter at least 100 words.Enter at least 100 words.Enter at least 100 words.Enter... Read more

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I have been using Quibids for a while and won several items from them. I had no problems until I won a Michael Kors bag. I was so excited since this was my first big ticket item! I received it and after comparing it to the photo, I realized it was fake. I contacted them and they said all their items come from authorized retailers. I told them that this item did not. I asked for the item I bid on and saw in the photo. They said they... Read more

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Just simple and plain. I do have pay pal so hope I can get my money back. It cost me $66.50 for a $ 20.00 Knife. I feel very ripped off. I would not recommend the site to anyone. They said they gave me 50 Free bids as A new member. That was not honored. I canceled my card because of them. I do really think it is a scam site. Please be careful of this site it is like trying to win a prize at the fair. With crooked BB Guns. I am going to do my... Read more

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Worst site EVER!!! They opened a account under my name charged my card for $60 and said that I opened it I informed them that there is fraudulent activity on my account I absolutely did not do it but the "customer service " agent is trying to tell me different save yourself the headache DO NOT do any business with these guys they will scam you and say it was you who did it trust me this is a fake site and so is all of their products!!! Read more

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