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Quibids reviews, Quibids complaints, read Quibids reviews, find Quibids reviews, Quibids scam reports
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  • 131 complaints
  • $24,581 claimed losses
  • $188 average
  • 24055 since Aug 11, 2010

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Main address: 4 NE 10th St. 73104 Oklahoma City OK
(405) 253-2038 , , http://www.quibids.com/help_support_email.php
Quibids reviews, Quibids complaints, read Quibids reviews, find Quibids reviews, Quibids scam reports
  • 131 complaints
  • $24,581 claimed losses
  • $188 average
Had an experience with Quibids?
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  • Apr 01
  • Fresno, California
  • Fake Items
  • 21
Quibids has sent me multiple fake generic items!

I'm in the process of sueing Quibids for selling fake generic Products I have multiple items from Logitech Kingston and beats by Dre and more not only are they fake but they did not even send them in a package they came in a yellow envelope in a plastic bag and after I told him about the item I gotten a plastic bag they sent me another one the exact same in another plastic bag letting me know... Read more

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  • Feb 12
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Unauthorized Charges Refund
  • 30

I was charged with $60.00 following an unintended registration... a family member used my information to register, being unaware of the charges. Per their terms and conditions, any unused bid package is refundable (apparently they updated their policies in January), so I was confident going through the process. MAKE SURE YOU CONNECT WITH A LIVE PERSON VIA ONLINE CHAT OR PHONE. I was unwilling to... Read more

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  • Jan 21
  • Olathe, Kansas
  • Used Bids Refund
  • 33

Purchased an iPhone music dock for $99.99. Used 118 REAL BIDS I had purchased at a cost of $70.80 and paid the $29.19 difference. 11 minutes after purchasing I attempted to cancel the sale as I found out the unit had the incorrect number of pins in the dock to match up and work with my 30pin iPhone. I was later told (10 hours) that it was too late to cancel the order. I could return the unit... Read more

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  • Jan 21
  • Unfair Business
  • 5
  • 101

Quibids is a scam. To understand the scam, you must first understand how Quibids makes money. 1) Each bid costs you 60 cents. That's right, in order to bid, you must pay 60 cents to the house each and every time you bid. 2) A bid increments the selling price by 1 cent, sometimes by 2 or 5 cents. 3) The maths is simple. An item listed at Amazon for $286 sells typically at Quibids for $21. This... Read more

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  • Dec 26, 2013
  • Misleading Advertisement
  • 1
  • 146

Most compliants deal with (what all should suspect) misleading advertisement and language about policies, refunds, and malfunctioning site while bidding. As such I'll never use it. Sites like quibids and beezid target teens heavily and recently retired folks. Why, because these groups are the dumb/vulnerable types. Both companies use the sterotypical blonde with plump *** to get you dumb young... Read more

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  • Dec 02, 2013
  • Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Free Bids
  • 198

After signing up with quibids using free bids, I got a pop up that said I was out of free bids and needed to purchase, I did not continue with the bidding and got off the computer. However, while checking my bank account a few days later I realized quibids had charged my account 60.00. When I contacted the customer service via the Internet, I was told I should have read the second page of the... Read more

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  • Nov 29, 2013
  • Browser Compatibility Test Lack
  • 1
  • 152

The site does not provide a browser compatibility test. Once you start bidding, and there is a computer freeze on their end, they blame your computer and tell you to upgrade and it's in their T &C's that you need a browser that can refresh 1000 times per second. I bid for 20 minutes on something and lost during the time the bid clock got stuck. they would not refund my used bids. The fact... Read more

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  • Nov 25, 2013
  • Auction Bids
  • 3
  • 449

“Experience is the only way to know the truth”. I learned the lesson the hard way. As most of you, I started my Quibids account, bought $420 (700 credits) and started bidding on a camera. I was about to buy that camera at the store anyways, so I had made my choice to bid as much credits as if I was buying that camera on any other place. What I found out next was one of the worst disappointing... Read more

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  • Sep 11, 2013
  • San Francisco, California
  • Scam
  • 3
  • 502

I won and paid for several items on Quibids. 2 days later they took away the Espresso Maker I won for an impressive $.78 and an Ipad I paid $529.20 (not as impressive but still a nice price), and several smaller cheap items. They said it was because I had an old account (that I wasn't using) and violated their terms and conditions. I called them and tried to work out the situation but the FLAT... Read more

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  • Sep 06, 2013
  • Money Scam
  • 2
  • 403

Alright, so I tried this Quibib expecting it to be safe like eBay, amazon or any other online market that bbb is behind. The propaganda is what got to me, all the expensive technology being sold at amazingly low prices being *** flashed right in front of my face. I am a very fair consumer and take pride into what i buy on the internet, and expect the producer to respect my needs as well! So all I... Read more

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