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I just checked my bank account and found out that they have charged my account $60.00 which was not told to me ahead of time and I want an immediate refund of that money to my account. I was not told about this charge ahead of time. I would also like my registration cancelled immediately. I also would like a phone number so I can reach someone. The number listed with the charge to my account... Read more

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I have been trying to get back $60.00, refund for 6 days now, was told by their customer service it would post back to my account today, it still hasn't, it's almost 8 pm here, they take the money in seconds then hold it for days , not a good customer I guess just wait and once they get your money you are pretty much at their discretion as to when you will get it back , so maybe by... Read more

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This auction is way too confusing for this Senior. Upon registering, they asked for my credit card info, which I thought was ok, until I find out they automatically charged my card $60 without my permission. Boom. I'm done. I requested a refund. Anxious to hear from them, in the meantime. I contacted my credit card company to alert them. Lesson learned. I feel that there are probably a lot of... Read more

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I put 50.00 dollars on to bid with.stay on  I have only et the money put baan gspent 0.12 but you say I do not have any more bids . Ifi do not have any more bids I would like to know what happened to the other 49.88. This is a good way to have consumers to stay on your sigth.  .IF i can get my money put back on my card i will not every bother you again and as for using 80+ words that is... Read more

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This is a scam!!!! Do not give them your credit card number! They will charge your card without consent. Then try and fight it.... Ha they disconnect your account and refuse to refund the money! This is illegal and I urge everyone to stay far away!! So pathetic that a business has to scam people to be profitable.... Do not give them any money! Add comment

Quibids is a scam, the auctions are not fair to those who spent real money and the items for auctions are not worth spend when Quibids makes 3 to 4 times the real price out of all bidders. The site is a complete scam. Add comment

This is not so much an acution site, but a gambling site. You pay $60.00 for 100 bids. Now you gamble that your bid will be the last one made. You gamble .60 cents with each bid you make, and when you loose all your bids!! It won't take long to realize you wasted 60 bucks on this game! Read more

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i waned to see what it all consisted of, i started to register, and then they wanted my credit card number, adn did NOT ask me if I wanted to buy any bid packages. ATThey just automatically billed my credit card 60.00. If you buy 100 bids, they take more out than the 060 cents,per bid, you actually bid 1 bid and it takes a bid chip off. that doesnt add up. I am gonna get my $60.00 credited back... Read more

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I can't believe I let myself be naive enough to get sucked into this incredible scam without first doing my homework. Started to register with QuiBids and after it asked for my CC info (which I assumed was for having a withdrawal on account) it immediately charged me $60 which I was not informed was a mandatory charge in the terms. Even more infuriating was the fact that there was nothing... Read more

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How do I get my free 3 credits BEFORE I invest any money? Further, as starter, I should have the freedom as to how much ($) credit to purchase. Does your "policy" force a starter to purchase $60 credit? ...Particularly, for a beginner with all cautious instructions even you website provided us with? I write the following as you "guys" wasted my morning reading so much rules and regulations which,... Read more

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