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Quibids.com charged $60 to register for free

Company Quibids
Product / Service Registration Fee
Location Rochester, Michigan
Category Auctions and Internet Stores
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When I went to QUIBIDS.com I was offered the chance to try their site for FREE.DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT!!!

upon recieving my credit card bill was a charge for $60.00??? I e-mailed Quibids and was told that when I registered to the site I was sent to another site which explained I would be charged for $60.00 Bid Package! I sent another e-mail requesting the site and paragraph that indeed quoted these terms to set my mind at rest that, again I was fooled into not reading the small print. GUESS WHAT?

no reply! Companies that use these types of tactics should be outlawed. Be honest, and let your clientell decide for themselves wheather or not to spend the nmoney to try out your product or not. Don't hide them in other context so as to FOOL people into the fee.

I am very disappointed in the site and have not gone back to them. In all honesty, they have lost a lot more than they gained.

Take my advice and avoid this site and their disreputable proceedures!!!There are plenty of other penny bid sites. 3069a3e

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Nov 22, 2013 
Qui bids seems to be a site that says you can get 100 free bids. I am not the only one that thought I signed up for free and got 100 bids. So I get my credit card statement and I was charged 60 bucks, which I disputed right away cause of the misinformation etc. If I was the only person that had this happen I would take my lumps and deal with it, but obviously I am not, it has happen to all of you or a lot of you, they are using weird strategies to try and charge us all for signing up which I was sure was for free, so misleading at the minimum. I think in a bit the attorney general of Kentucky will look into this site and find the fallacies and misrepresentations. On all my years I never encountered a site such as this, that actually tries to steal money from people and then threaten them if they do not pay, well I will not pay for something I never agreed to.... If you hid something and think I agreed to I did not if you well you are doing it on purpose because I read daily about others that feel cheated. Do your thing and I am wishing a class action lawsuit will be filed against you in the minimum and the attorney general of your state wakes up, and deals with you accordingly. If you want to send me to collections go ahead I have a hundreds of stories I can send to the judge, so go ahead, you obviously cheated many people and I am sorry if they actually paid you, you quibids are in my opinion a cheater company that actually tries to profit off others to make a... Show more
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Nov 17, 2013 
You can ask for a refund on unused bids to get your 60 dollars back. I registered and it very clearly states that the starting bid package costs 60 dollars
Reply to Tony

Jan 05, 2013  from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Im not sure if anyone else has stated this, but quibids charges you $60 to start you off with 100 bids. They cost 60 cents per bid and you have to buy 100 upfront to register. It tells you on the page that you put your credit card info into. It is a good site but you have to put the money upfront in order to participate. They are one of those "pay to play", so to speak, websites. I havent registered for this exact reason. I should be able to buy 10, 20 or 30 bids when I register. Not be limited to the $60 start up charge.
Reply to JamesG

Dec 16, 2012 
I am no sure if I should sign up for QuiBids.com or not. I wanna because the bids are cheap but i dont want to if they charge me to make an account.. :?
Reply to Anonymous

Dec 12, 2012 
:upset :) :) :grin :grin :grin ;) :zzz :zzz :x :x :( :( :( :( :( :( :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry ... Show more
Reply to john

Dec 09, 2012  from San Antonio, Texas
I really wish i wouldve read this reviews before i entered that *** site. I was bored during class and got on the computer. 100 free bids!, why not right?! My ***! Now I'm out $60 and I completely wasted all of my bids (thinking they were free) screw this kind of business that Profit from false advertising and unethical practices.

Burn quibids
Reply to Fckqbds

Feb 08, 2013 
uh ........................ :upset :x
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Nov 12, 2012 
I too signed up on the basis that i was entitled to receive my free bids as advertised in a commercial ad. I contacted Live Help after several attempts to find a direct link as to how to activate my supposed free trial as it Clearly States on the Commercial, Laura (live Chat) than told me i would have to purchase a beginner bid pack in order to receive the free bids...And i simply stated how is this the same as the commercial? how am i suppose to try something when i immediately have to buy it????? She than said i will forward ( Pass along your feedback) hu??? Feedback i was asking a questions and now it has become feedback.

Please be aware of what you may be getting yourself into and YES i did read everything and if you can find me a link to where it says in order to receive the free bids i would need to purchase a pack i would greatly appreciate it.
Reply to Terrance

Aug 14, 2012 
If you didn't realize you are being charged for bids you just need to contact support and ask for a refund. You'll be refunded on all unused bids.
Reply to Ash

Jul 23, 2012 
i'm glad i saw this . i was about to register until i saw so many bad comments .
Reply to jazmine

Jul 12, 2012 
Thank you for taking time to warn the rest of us about the Qui Bids scam!

Why do they need my credit card if I'm simply looking at items? That's BS!

No one gets my credit card unless I'm buying something. I'll stick with Ebay, if you pay $60 to have the right to bid, that's no deal in the long run.

The BBB should be ashamed for putting their logo on Qui Bids site!
Reply to Jackie B

Jun 14, 2012 
I've never even used Quibids before, I am just researching and looking into it right now before I decide if I should or not. The $63 isn't a scam. It says right on the sign up that you get THREE free bids and a starter pack of 100 bids for $60. Only 3 are free, not the 100. People should actually read and research before making online purchases.
Reply to Tanya

Mar 13, 2012 
i was duped.
i registered on quibid and they charged me $66.
i want my money back..this is crazy.
Reply to gentledove

Jan 15, 2013 
The same thing just happened to me and I sent an e-mail to customer support. I received a response /in 6 hrs stating that they would refund the $60 that was taken from my account.
Reply to Kenny

Apr 09, 2013 
Hi, the same thing just happened to me.Did you actually get a refund? Im very concerned because I was very misled by this and making the payment was not my intention. Rhnaks in advance for your response
Reply to Disgruntled

Mar 05, 2012 
After seeing that my debit card hard been charged for $60.00 on the day I signed up, I went looking for anything in the terms of service that stated that I would be charged. There is nothing there. I am waiting for their customer service to open so I can complain. If they won't give me the $60 back I will ask my bank to get it back for me. There was no notice anywhere that they would take $60 nor would I have signed up for that.
Reply to Bob Larkin

Jan 22, 2012 
You don't have to use your credit card even when you register. And if you do it's because you are purchasing a begginer's bid package. Maybe you should read everything before you sign up!
Reply to Jim

Jan 02, 2012 
Upon signing up with QuiBids I was offered 100 free bids plus 10 free bids for a beginner's badge. My credit card was billed for $66.00 for the 110 supposedly free bids... It's a scam
Reply to Peter Roehsl

Dec 26, 2011 
Did anyone get there money back because it says that if you have not used your bids you can get a full refund.
Reply to Desiray

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