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I bid up on an appliance & had to use 'buy it now' or lose all of my bids. I bought it, it arrived 2 days ago, but in using it I've noticed it has a "minor" defect.It is a $500+ item.

I planned to call the manufaturer tomorrow to see if it could be troubleshooted. Then tonight, I used the item again but another part of the item, (not the defective part) and the thing ALMOST burned my house down.

The item is clearly defective, and now I have to return it & wait for another one. Thankfully I kept all of the packaging otherwise it is NOT returnable!

In the meantime, I've looked up numerous reviews on this item and MANY folks have stated this item had defects upon purchase from various retailers and seems to be a model that came out in 2010.

I think Quibids buys discontinued items that may be defective. We'll see what happens next with Quibids because, now I HAVE to return it.

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Anoka, Minnesota, United States #713910

Quibids has a strict policy against any user winning the same item costing over $285 more than once in 28 days. scars won four pair of $480 binoculars in five days last week When I reported it they just erased the data from the sight.

scars also won 5 iPads within a 28 day span in August and Sept and IBLOCKA won six iPads during the same span , all valued at $799. Reporting it accomplished absolutely nothing. They don't even return calls. It is a scam of the highest order.

Virtually all items can be purchased on the internet eg Amazon far lower than their buy it now price as well. I could continue but no use.

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