i agree this is diffinatly a ripoff. if any asks i tell them don't join.

they never tell anyone that each bid is actually .60 cents, that should be stated upfront. better business should be after this business and quickly to save *** persons like myself who always assumes everything is honest. so you need one hundred words, how *** is that, when you can say something in thirty nine words the company asks for one hundreed words, ***, ***, ***.

sounds like a song, i think i will start writing, ***, ***, ***, gee i need another five words, ***, ***, ***. that should be enough for this *** company.

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I did see it in the contract, which is why I did not enter my credit card information and didn't get sucked in. All one has to do is read the contract, you know...the small print!!!


Actually it does say .60 cents per bid. Learn to read.

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