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When I went to QUIBIDS.com I was offered the chance to try their site for FREE.DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT!!!

upon recieving my credit card bill was a charge for $60.00??? I e-mailed Quibids and was told that when I registered to the site I was sent to another site which explained I would be charged for $60.00 Bid Package! I sent another e-mail requesting the site and paragraph that indeed quoted these terms to set my mind at rest that, again I was fooled into not reading the small print. GUESS WHAT?

no reply! Companies that use these types of tactics should be outlawed. Be honest, and let your clientell decide for themselves wheather or not to spend the nmoney to try out your product or not. Don't hide them in other context so as to FOOL people into the fee.

I am very disappointed in the site and have not gone back to them. In all honesty, they have lost a lot more than they gained.

Take my advice and avoid this site and their disreputable proceedures!!!There are plenty of other penny bid sites.

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I had the Sam problem. How do you get your money refunded?


This helped me a lot thank u I was purchase it without knowing thank u

Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States #1071605

sent them a simple message "please refund my unused bids back to my credit card and close my account please" and within 10 seconds they responded saying "As no bids have been used, I have refunded the full amount back to your account.You should see this amount reflected in your financial account in a few business days.

Please note that an email will be sent to your email address on your account with the exact amount of the refund as well. Those funds are released immediately from our system, so if you do not see them reflect on your financial statements, we recommend contacting your bank for further details.

Your account was deactivated for security reasons to prevent any additional account activity.At any time if you would like to reactivate your account, please log in and follow the verification instructions provided." Easy fix no need to cry about it on a forum!!


I completely agree.This happened to me as well today.

Its a complete scam.If you have to trick people into buying your product then obviously your product is not worth buying.


To get your $60 back, you need to log in to your account and go to the "Online Chat" link.Just take the High Road and type in one sentence: "Please refund my unused bids back to my credit card, thank you".

They immediately posted a canned reply (3 paragraphs) stating that my account was being closed and they were refunding my $60.

Within 20 seconds, two emails arrived notifying me of both transactions.

The online chat guys probably get hammered with that same request all day long, so they've got the canned reply ready to go.

Yes, the company is based upon a scam ... and I was just as tempted to lash out at them as you are ...

but don't do it or the Chat lady will make you miserable with delays, blaming you, accusations, etc.You know the drill.

to Anonymous #987004

Thanks for the tip.This worked for me too.

The $60 refund back to my credit card showed up the next day. The company truly is built upon a scam! I've never seen any other kind of service that charges you $60 without first displaying the total purchase amount on a payment screen, where you then can choose to click on "Purchase" or "Cancel". These scammers found a way around that ethical approach so that they could ensnare tens of thousands of unsuspecting people.

That is such a disgusting, devious business practice.Pathetic Thieves.

Citrus Heights, California, United States #944437

So what do I do now that I've been charged $60?Any suggestions out there?

I would really appreciate it.

A news anchor on our local TV raved about qbids.Maybe she should should reimburse me since i went on her word.

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada #925241

nothing on Quibids registry page tells you you're buying a $60.00 dollar bid pack. it's only after you've registered that it transfers you telling you that you've purchased the bidpack already. by then it's too late and the money has already been stolen from your account, often before completing your registers.

Sherman, Texas, United States #911226

I have the same issue but my card they charge to as been missing for a day and a half I asked for a refund but who knows I didn't even know I was a member until I got a confirmation number about 1030 tonight and didn't even know I join I had joined ain't that something

Benton, Kentucky, United States #904643

I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and my state Attorney General's Office. When I contacted them, they would not even give me their address and stated they have never had anyone complain before.

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