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I just recently decided to start bidding on Quibids. I thought it was pretty nice, until I decided to hover my mouse over one of my competitors.

I looked at what they were bidding on, and it was the same as one of the 5 items on the top bar. I looked at my other competitors, and NONE of them were bidding on the same item as me. THEIR bids on THEIR items raised the price on MY item, of which I was the ONLY ONE BIDDING ON. They grouped 5+ items into 1 bid, and every time someone bids on ANY of them, it raises the bid on ALL OF THEM!

Not to mention the fact that when I signed up, there was no mention of them charging $60 for 100 bids.


Monetary Loss: $100.

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I understood how it worked, yet i STILL found so many lies, false statements and bad practices all I can say is STAY AWAY! It's playing chicken with a few guys who are laughing all the way to the bank while you flinch


Waste of money.

I learned my lesson. Stay away.

Misleading and it appears they have automated robots pumping up the bids.

I admit it... I fell for it and I was ***.

Never again.


Come on people. These sites are rigged for one reason only....

Screw the end user. If you think they can sell $500 ipads for $80 bucks, your bigger idiots than the makers of the Q site.

Then again, suckers are born every minute... This is the site to get scammed on....

to The man who knows #1126510

If people were to take the time to read exactly how the auctions work it would be easy to understand how they are able to sell $500 Ipads for $80.

For those of you that didn't bother to read the agreement before checking the agree box, I'll explain; Each bid cost 10 cents, and the price of each item being auctioned increases by one cent for each bid.

Ergo, for an item that sells for $1 in a Quibids auction, the website generates $11 ($1 price plus $10 for all the combined bids).

As for your stated example of a $500 Ipad selling for $80, Quibids makes a total of $880.

The break even point for the company on a $500 item is roughly $45.45. That would generate a total of $495.95.

It's a very simple concept really for anyone that is smart enough and responsible enough to read the disclaimer and tutorial on how it works before signing up.

to cornstock #1421054

Well aren’t you a smart mother ***.

to Anonymous #1586481



Evin I new dat sight wus a rip off. Sum folks jus ain't two brite. Jk lol

to Jed #1048932

You are a great speller and have excellent grammar.

Beverly Hills, California, United States #850498

I took a look at the website, and while I think only idiots would trust that the company itself doesn't drive the price up of auctions, it was made pretty clear that it would cost .60 x 100 to participate.

So if you missed that portion, that was your mistake. As for the website and it's premise that has been popular for a long, long time, only a fool would spend money on this scheme without having the option to buy at msrp. Fortunately they have that option if you do it properly.


The same thing happened to me. How can they put things in your cart and check out and purchase without me doing so???

Total scam if you want my opinion.

Now I have to call and complain and demand my money be put back in my account. I also contacted my bank and filed to contest the charges.


All of our auctions - with the exception of Limit Busters and Voucher Bids - are in You Choose It! format.

This means that each auction has a list of up to 100 items that you can choose from! The winner of the auction gets to select from the list the item they want the most! You can read all about it in our blog post, here: http://blog.quibids.com/quibids-new-auction-forma/

QuiBids is a pay to participate website, as mentioned at many places on our site including the registration process and QuiBids 101 help section.

Any unused portion of your $60 first purchase of real bids is eligible for a refund for up to a year. Please feel free to email us at support@quibids.com or call 1-855-QUIBIDS (784-2437) or 405-253-2038 anytime Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM CST and we will be happy to further assist you!

to QuiBids Support Rep Lake Elsinore, California, United States #874854

QBids Support Rep As you state: each auction has a list of up to 100 items that you can choose from! The winner of the auction gets to select from the list the item they want the most!

If this is true, and I would hope it is, if other people are bidding on items in this auction, that means every time any one of them bids on an item, your bid price goes up, even if your's is in the hundreds of dollars and they are bidding on an item at $30.00 retail price. With all the bidding going on with up to a hundred items in an auction, any bidder could lose all of their bid money very easily if they choose a high limit on their auto-bid selection. No wonder so many people are totally pi**ed off about your false claims. Look at all the complaints about your billing practices and "False" bidders on items (Look at the one about Sunglasses sold to a bidder with a history of losing money, lost in the thousands of dollars and is still bidding).

Sorry, but I'm out.

(Fool me once its your fault, Fool me twice and its my fault). I won't be fooled twice.

to padre75 #876566

I'm sorry but you are just plain ***...They group items together that are of the same equal value...Why don't you read the rules before you jump in? Some people are too *** to live...

to queen #940769

And you have the right to decide who lives based off their intelligence level? I pray you find Jesus before you're day of judgment.

Not that you will believe in the Truth, Light, Salvation anyways.

You're own ignorance has, well i need not to continue any further, i mean, you pronounce you self queen! Yet say others are to *** to live.....ahhh, good ol' hypocrisy.

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